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Especially for the high-speed blending of plastic powder and pellet for making plastic floor, wall panel, plastic tile, wire and cable, FRP doors & windows, Christmas trees and others.


Special diversion plate design.  Mixing evenly, fast, with good dispersion, and energy-saving.

Exclusively patented discharge port, which can be set according to customer’s material type.  Fast discharge, leaving no residue.

The mixing blade is with a guiding cutting curve design for an extraordinary smooth material guide while lowering the electricity consumption.  Partial blade is with hardness process for a longer service life.

Special machine setting: low noise.

The tank interior is a stainless steel construction with polish to upgrade the material running efficiency and reduce the electricity consumption.

The steel base is a one-piece fabrication with anti-vibration pad for a smooth and stable operation.

KOWIn-150L-300H 150L 30KW - 45KW
KOWIn-200L-400H 200L 56.25KW - 75KW
KOWIn-300L-600H 300L 75KW - 93.75KW
KOWIn-400L-800H 400L 93.75KW - 112.5KW
KOWIn-500L-1000H 500L 112.5KW - 131.25KW