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Plastic Pellet Making Machine


Availability :

PP, PE, PA, PC, PS, EPS, ABS film, raffia, woven sack, bottle, sheet, lump, powder and other various kinds of crushed plastic material.


An extrusion-pelletizing line with scraper type filter or two-plate type filter, high capacity, automatized operation and high quality.

Force feeder with patented-designed side feeder, capacity is 20% more than the design of those general ones.  The feeding room is equipped with powerful blade, which can pre-mix the plastic material and efficiently and smoothly feed it into the extruder.

The screw is with special melting function.  Special screw design, especially applied in plastic recycling to remove the interior air as well as the moisture of plastic material so as to produce compact pellets.

Scraper type filter or two-plate type filter design.  Filter area is 2 times than general ones.  During the screen-changing, it is without downtime, that is, no need to stop the machine, and the material will not break.  Output capacity is 2 times than general filters.  It saves time and cost for screen-changing.

Water-ring granulating design.  Cutter vertically fits the discharge plate.  Driven by the direct drive motor, it is high-speed centrifugal pelletizing and the cutter rotating speed is adjustable to control the pellet size so as to ensure the appearance and quality of pellet.

KOWIn-221 80-100 KGS KOWIn-222 80-100 KGS
KOWIn-231 150-250 KGS KOWIn-232 150-250 KGS
KOWIn-241 250-350 KGS KOWIn-242 250-350 KGS
KOWIn-251 350-500 KGS KOWIn-252 350-500 KGS
KOWIn-261 500-650 KGS KOWIn-262 500-650 KGS
KOWIn-271 650-800 KGS KOWIn-272 650-800 KGS
KOWIn-281 800-1000 KGS KOWIn-282 800-1000 KGS