Recycling Machines

Based on expertise technique, KOWIn designs and manufactures the extrusion-pelletizing line in aspect of customer and operator.
A production line of low power consumption, high capacity and easy-operation, it allows customers to produce high quality recycled pellets.

KOWIn continues researching and developing updated machines for customers.

Advantages :

Very low ampere when in full production. Energy-saving.
This system is researched and developed through several years ; it solves the biggest difficulty of material feeding for extruder. This system is world-wide patented, from Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany and other countries.
Patented by several countries ; counterfeit will be prosecuted.
Welcome to KOWI for test-run ; international OEM requirement is welcome, too.

Three advantages :

  1. Vacuum feeding system solves the problem of moisture in the plastic material.
  2. Reduce the problem of IV value decrease for PET extrusion-pelletizing by 10 % more.
  3. Reduce the problem of the material not feeding.

Technology & Feature

PET Recycling Extrusion Equipment
Manufactures the dominant PET Plastic Recycling and Extrusion Equipment in the industry. We fully understand and apply all the necessary processes for successful plastic recycling. Moisture removal, material compaction, and prevention of hydrolytic decomposition stabilize and increase intrinsic viscosity ( IV ) values ​​of PET materials. The result - high efficiency manufacturing. The following describes some key features of our technology.
High Stability IV Values
  1. Twin Hot Air Pre-Dryers : Continuous batch pre-drying. Numerous small batches increase efficiency, timer controlled.
  2. Drying Drum : Synchronized dehumidifying and feeding, pre-crystallization, and crystallization increases PET IV value by 4 – 10 %.
  3. First in, First Out Material Feeding : Avoids material flow stoppages.
  4. KOWI - DA Series Dryer : Honeycomb rotor simultaneously removes moisture, revives, cools ; efficiently gets dry air at dew point - 40 ° C.
  5. Cast Aluminum Thermo-Regulator Jacket : Extruder thermostat displays air flow, increases area and speed of conduction, accurate temperature control within 3 - 5 ° C
  6. Vacuum Extractor : Melt goes through vacuum extractor to have air and moisture removed, prevents bubbles and fish eyes in finished product.
  7. High Speed ​​Water Removal : After extrusion and cooling, product goes through a set of 4 high power blowers to immediately remove water and prevent residual surface moisture.
  8. Crystallizing System : Directly after water is removed, flake enters pre-dryer and is crystallized for excellent pellet quality.
High Output Extruder
  1. Gear Drive : 4 set gear drive for low noise and high torsion.
  2. Forced Material Feed : Patented design, lateral pressure feed ; stable speed.
  3. Hydraulic Screen Change System : Hydraulically controlled screen changes, designed to self check pressure to avoid leaks.
  4. Sheet Extruder Die : Sheet level T-die and channel design.
  5. Single Screw Design : Stable, rarely breaks down.
  6. Frequency Conversion pelletizer : Uses production status frequency conversion to adjust speed, low material leakage.
Automated Control for Convenient, Easy Operation
  1. Human Machine Interface : Direct operation, easy to learn. Interface is very clear and user friendly, data is safe and easy to store, very high fault tolerance.
  2. Discharge Device : Turntable design discharges fixed amounts of material, includes inspection window.
  3. Packaging Equipment : Vibrator automatically sets time control and continuous packaging.
Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving : A Green Approach to Plastic Production
  1. Revolving Honeycomb Dehumidifier / Dryer : Simultaneous dehumidifying and drying. regeneration and cooling. Regeneration temperature of 180 °C consumes 40 % less energy compared to conventional temperature of 230 °C.
  2. Full Line Frequency Converter : System reduces load loss, rational voltage output saves at least 10 % - 15 % in electricity.
  3. Packaging Equipment : Save wasted packaging space, increase packaging efficiency at least 5 % - 10 %.

Double vacuum feeding type extruder

CAPACITY 65 ~ 120 kgs / hr 150 ~ 280 kgs / hr 200 ~ 380 kgs / hr 280 ~ 420 kgs / hr

 Capacity is depending on polymer properties and system options.

✽ Detailed specification based on inquiry and discussion.

CAPACITY 300 ~ 500 kgs / hr 350 ~ 600 kgs / hr 650 ~ 1000 kgs / hr

 Capacity is depending on polymer properties and system options.

✽ Detailed specification based on inquiry and discussion.

Design and structure
  • Gearbox : Designed 4 set gearbox drive, low noise, high torque, high horsepower.
  • Force Feeding System : Patented design developed in house. Cast iron structure, internal flow of coolant trough prevents caking ; strong lateral pressure of material feed, automatic pressure response system prevents screw breakdowns and increases stability of material feed, super efficient, no bridging.
  • Vacuum Extractors : Moisture and air are effectively extracted during melting to prevent bubbles and fish eyes on particles.
  • Cast Aluminum Thermo- Regulator Jacket : The patented surface air flow design of the thermostat effectively increases conduction speed and area for more precise temperature control compared to regular blowers.
  • Hydraulic Screen Change System : Hydraulic control screen change, die head includes pressure gauge, this design automatically guards against leaks and improves screen change efficiency.
  • Water Bath : Stainless steel trough, single body trough and pump design, adjustable to save space.
  • Granulator ( Pelletizer ) : High speed pelletizer frequency converter control, tungsten or SKD-11 cutting tools ; design of feeder opening includes anti-curler, improved safety.
  • Via vacuum degassing device : the feeding area of main machine screw and the feeding silo of fitness get into vacuum ; quantify-feeding avoids air getting into the silo.

Layout & Dimension

Recycling Machine Demension

Exclusively in The World-Patented Double Vacuum Feeding Type Extruder

Optional equipment

  • High speed water removerRecycling Machines Demension
    After extrusion and cooling, PET passes four powerful blowers conveyed on high speed stainless steel mesh. Removes water and effectively prevents surface moisture absorption and guarantees IV value for increased pellet production efficiency and large improvements in back end processing.
  • PET Double Drying-Dehumidifying ( 3D ) System
    Twin Hot Air Pre- Dryers System Twin drying drums perform continuous batch drying, PET bottle flakes are continuously fed into the pre-dryers until flakes are sufficiently dry. Material flows via reversible screw, timer controls material feed amounts and processing time to ensure proper times and measures ; easy and efficient.
    Dehumidifying and Drying Drums Dehumidifying, pre-crystallization, and crystallization effectively improve PET IV value. Design features such as stir blades, drum shape and constant temperature effectively and evenly remove moisture from material. First in, first out processing keeps material from staying in the system too long before material enters the extruder to prevent serious hydrolytic breakdown, IV value variation, and overall reduced quality of finished pellets.
    PET Drying- Dehumidifying System The honeycomb rotor structure of the KOWI-DA Series dryer is divided into three compartments. Drying, regeneration, and cooling pass through gear motor controlled rpm, dryer dehumidifies and regenerates simultaneously, dry air from the dehumidifier cools the rotor. Simultaneous motion is effectively able to obtain dry air to thoroughly resolve problems associated with dehumidifier dew point fluctuations. The result is huge reductions in energy consumption.
    Discharge Device Turntable design discharges fixed quantities, comes with inspection window.

PET Double drying- dehumidifying ( 3D ) system

DEHUMIDIFICATION ( KG / HR ) 250 500 1000
AIR FLOW RATE ( CMH ) 700 1600 3000
HEATER ( KW ) 10 15 20
BLOWER POWER ( HP ) 7.5 10 15 x 2
SILO VOLUME  ( LITER ) 1000 3200 7800
  • Crystallization SystemRecycling Machines
    Surface moisture is quickly removed from pellets where they enter the pre-dryer for initial heating and drying. Blower delivers fixed amounts to the crystallization chamber.
    • Pre-heater and pre-dryer
    • Crystallization blower
    • Crystallization heater
    • Discharge rotary valve
    • Vibrating sifter
    • Human machine interface control ( HMI )
  • Packaging EquipmentRecycling Machines
    The KOWIn series packaging equipment can continuously pack pellets or flake. Bags hang from hooks during filling and are under continuous vibration during packing. This creates pressure and improves product density in packages, delivery speed and efficiency.
    • Continuous packaging
    • Reduces of wasted space in packaging
    • Any material
    • Vibrator controls time settings
    • Adjustable base height
    • One bag actuated by 4 pneumatic cylinders.
  • Available for : PET, PC, ABS
  • Not only for industrial waste, but also for Post-consumer waste. Especially for fluffy material.

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Double Vacuum Feeding Extruder