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PE Post-consumer Bottle and Drum-

Turn-key Recycling Washing Line



A complete post-consumer bottle and drum waste turn-key washing recycling line, which is for post-consumer large PET, PP, PE bottle and drum from the road, municipal waste, landfill, garbage yard, outside like milk bottle, food tray, pallet, bucket, basket, bumper, beer box, trash bin and others.  It needs the shredder to reduce the size of scrap first, and then feed the material into the crusher for crushing into smaller size.  If there are label and contamination on the waste material, with the equipment designed by KOWIn engineering team, it can achieve the effects of label-removal and contamination-removal.  This is a low horse-power & high efficiency recycling equipment of environmental protection.  The production process is automatized and effectively reclaims the material from waste into reusable material.

Production process: 

ShredderCrusherHot Water Two-Agitating-Shaft Friction Washing MachineSinking & Floating Separation Sorting TankDewatering centrifuge SystemLabel Blowing Systemand others like extrusion-pelletizing machine as a turn-key plant.

KOWIn-7211 800-1200 KGS
KOWIn-7232 1000-2000 KGS
KOWIn-7233 2000-3000 KGS