Series Connection Two-Agitating-Shaft Friction Washing Machine


The best choice of washing line for plastic recyclers—Two-Agitating-Shaft Plastic Friction Washing Machine.

Main function and advantage:

For the plastic scrap with oil, dirt, mud, sand, dust, soil and other contamination on the surface, KOWIn especially designs this two-agitating-shaft plastic friction washer.  By means of the swirl-type blades, the water stirs like swirl, so that during the washing, the surface of plastic material achieves the cleanness by self-impact.  This machine also allows adding the detergent and hot water for washing so as to enhance the cleanness and washing quality of the plastic surface, which increases the competence of the final product, and also helps for a smooth after-process.


Way of tie-in:

Combine 2 sets of two-agitating-shaft friction washing machine to wash in series.  It works with the openable-cover type dewatering centrifuge to achieve the effect of dryness.  Operate in continuously production.  This is a low power-consuming, labor-reduced automated plastic washing & de-watering equipment.  The moisture after de-watering is within 3%.  Patented material discharging design.  No material jam guaranteed.  Production capacity goes up.


Available for washing and dewatering-drying of PET, PP, PE, ABS, PS, PVC and various types of soft and hard plastic flakes, such as drum, pallet, basket, bucket, crate, container, clothes hanger.  Unsuitable for film and bag.

KOWIn-196-178 61KW 60L/MIN 1000-2000 KGS 13000(L)×3800(W)×4000(H)
KOWIn-197-179 80KW 60L/MIN 2000-3000 KGS 14500(L)×4200(W)×4000(H)
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Product Name : Series Connection Two-Agitating-Shaft Friction Washing Machine
Series Connection Two-Agitating-Shaft Friction Washing Machine