Strand Cutting Extrusion Pelletizing Machines

Based on expertise technique, KOWIn designs and manufactures the extrusion-pelletizing line in aspect of customer and operator.
A production line of low power consumption, high capacity and easy-operation, it allows customers to produce high quality recycled pellets.
KOWIn continues researching and developing updated machines for customers.
The only extrusion-pelletizing line by strand cutting in Taiwan that is able to smoothly recycle PP woven sack in high capacity.

Advantages :

Patent force feeding system. The powerful compounding & force feeding system is controlled by inverter. Inverter also controls the force-feeding sweeping speed, and the speed adjustment is decided by the frequency of force-feeding sweeping direction (run clockwise & change being turn reverse automatic as per the frequency change). No bridging situation. It absolutely 100% solves the problem in using the machines of other suppliers.
Heavy duty construction design, no vibrating in machine while production.
Low temperature pelletizing.
Very low ampere when in full production. Energy-saving.

Technology & Feature

Patented force feeding system :
  1. Back side feeding design, capacity 20 % more than old design. The feeding chamber is with powerful plate to pre-compound and force feed the material into extruder very quickly and smoothly.
  2. Auto reverse design.
  3. Automatically quantity control.
  4. Cast steel construction. With water circulating  and cooling design.
Control box :
  1. Power saving design. With inverter, energy saving 40 %.
  2. With air condition cooling system.
  3. Temperature controller :PID (Proportional-integral-derivative).
  4. SSR.
  5. Standard electric distribution. PLC is optional.
  6. Main control panel separately.
Main extruder :
  1. Single screw design.
  2. Gear box :Gear fitness JIS 3 grade. Profile teeth. With lubrication oil cooling circulating system. 4 transmission axles. High torque. Low noise. Steady working. Long life.
  3. Barrel:Single type with vent.
  4. Special screw design:Special melting function, the pitch and screw design “ double wave ”. Special designed for plastic waste recycling. The inside air and moisture of material can be removed to get impact pellet.
Temperature control system :
  1. Ceramic, cast aluminum  and stainless steel heater composed with each other.
  2. Temperature difference within 3 %.
Pressure gauge :
  1. Brand  “ DYNISCO ”, made in USA.


CAPACITY 90 ~ 150 kgs / hr 180 ~ 300 kgs / hr 250 ~ 500 kgs / hr 350 ~ 600 kgs / hr
EXTRUDER SCREW Ø 75 mm Ø 90 mm Ø 105 mm Ø 120 mm

✽ Capacity will be changed due to input material’s feature and contaminants.

 Detailed specification based on inquiry and discussion.

CAPACITY 450 ~ 700 kgs / hr 500 ~ 800 kgs / hr 750 ~ 1200 kgs / hr
EXTRUDER SCREW Ø 135 mm Ø 150 mm Ø 165 mm

 Capacity will be changed due to input material’s feature and contaminants.

 Detailed specification based on inquiry and discussion.


Design and structure

  • Patent force feeding system
  • 4 Gears gear box
  • Vacuum degassed unit
  • Hydraulic screen changer ( With accumulator )
  • “ DYNISCO ” Pressure gauge
  • Energy saving design
  • CE Design

Layout and dimension

Strand Cutting Extruder

Strand cutting extrusion – pelletizing machine

Optional equipment

  • Storage, delivery & quantify feeding system
    Strand Cutting Pelletizing Machine

    It is the pioneer in the world for crushed film or flake ; no jammed or bridging. Volumetric feeding design, ensure feeding crushed film or flake into extruder smoothly. High storage volume. No pollute raw material. Tank is made of stainless steel, which does not pollute raw material. To ensure the inside raw material always be the original color, which inside raw material rusty yellow because of wrong tank material.

  • Magnet box
    Magnet Box

    Magnetic force : 3500 gauss. Reduce the metal entering the material feeding. Prolong the span life of machine.

  • Jumbo bag packing equipment
    Strand Extrusion Pelletizing Line

    Continuously pack pellets or flake. Bags hang from hooks during filling and are under continuous vibration during packing. This creates pressure and improves product density in packages, delivery speed and efficiency.

  • 25 kg bag packing equipment

    The packaging equipment can continuously pack pellets.
    25 kgs clamped automatically and filling into the plastic pellets.
    When the scale is reached to 25 kgs, it will stop filling plastic pellets.
    With manual sewing device.

  • Storage silo with mixing function
  • Available  for:PP, PE, PA, PC, PS, EPS, ABS.
  • Suitable for:Blown film, woven bags, bottles, sheet, lumps, powder …etc.
  • Especially for fluffy material.

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Product Name : Strand cutting extrusion – pelletizing machine
Plastic Pelletizing Line