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PET Multi Vacuum Extrusion-Pelletizing Line

Application Features:

With decades of experience that KOWIn is able to research and develop the multi-vacuum pelletizing machine.  Why is it multi-vacuum?  Because during the PET pelletizing, the air residual would be a main concern.  Therefore, first, during the feeding, we adopt the vacuum feeding system to avoid PET yellowing and quick IV drop.  In addition, we adopt drying type extrusion feeding to take care the issue that when PET material enters into melting, the residual air would influence the quality of PET material.  Furthermore, when the temperature is controlled in 210, PET is not melted yet.  After getting softening point, using the multi-vacuum system developed by KOWIn to extract the residual air.  After the material gets vacuumed, then it goes into compounding section to make PET melted and compounded.  During the compounding, we use vacuum to make sure the residual air is without CO2 so as to get high quality PET pelletizing.  Therefore, KOWIn pelletizing machine is exclusively unique PET pelletizing machine, which gets patented by several countries.


Turn-key Plant Features:

When the shear force is large, it will release the oil from PET, which makes the IV (intrinsic viscosity) of PET lower down.

Humidity and air causes problems for the PET pelletizing.  Therefore, first, it needs PET dehumidifying-drying system to dehumidify and dry the material into -40~60 dew point for the following pelletizing process.  In this way, it can prevent from too much IV drop.

As well as the PET Bottle Bale Pre-Processing Cleaning System developed by KOWIn, it is able to pre-clean the post consumer PET bottles, from the de-baling breaker for cleaning, belt magnet machine, pre-roughly washing machine, label blowing system, for pre-processing operation ;  and developed hot water washing system especially for post consumer PET bottle cleaning, includes crusher, two-agitating-shaft friction washing machine, water specific weight sinking & floating sorting tank, openable-cover type dewatering centrifuge, label blowing system, hot air vertical drying mixer tank....etc;  the full line design is to implement getting PET bottle cleanliness.  The scope is reach to product high quality of PET granulate condition.  To cooperate with KOWIn PET multi-vacuum extrusion-pelletizing machine, it is the best choice for turn-key plant for post consumer PET bottle recycling.

KOWIn-731 250-350KGS
KOWIn-741 350-450KGS
KOWIn-751 500-650KGS
KOWIn-761 650-800KGS
KOWIn-771 850-1000KGS