KOWIn continuously dedicates to the research & development and marketing of various types of plastic recycling machinery for a long period—providing high efficiency recycling machinery and helping customers recycle plastic waste and reproduce into final products—a professional plastic waste recycling and reproducing machinery turn-key plant manufacturer.

Product overview :

  1. Shredder
  2. PET bottle recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering and extrusion-pelletizing
  3. PET yarn recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering and extrusion-pelletizing
  4. PP, PE film, injection and bottle recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering and extrusion-pelletizing
  5. PVC recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering, textile removing and extrusion-pelletizing
  6. Sheet-making extrusion turn-key plant
  7. Various types of extrusion-pelletizing machine
  8. Non-stop screen changer with backflush system

To fulfill the sincerity and trust to customers, KOWIn sets up a recycling factory itself, which is a turn-key plant, including washing machine, extrusion-pelletizing machine and waste water filtration system. It recycles various types of plastic material, such as waste agricultural films, waste drip tapes, waste nets, waste bottles, waste injection products and others. Our recycling factory has been in operation and production for a long-term period.
KOWIn is a machinery manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and exports plastic recycling turn-key plant. The sole company in Taiwan that has its own plastic recycling factory, which operates, produces and demonstrates practically.
Based on the practical production parameter derived from the long-term operation in its recycling factory, KOWIn offers educational training to customers in the sincerity and trust to customer.
Welcome to KOWIn.


KOWIN Company History

KO WIN YANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded. Based on the principle of innovation, KOWI aimed at the development of practical & high efficient plastic crusher and recycling turn-key plant.
Foreign Sales Department was launched for the promotion of overseas market ; also, start providing film recycling turn-key plant.
Assist our customer, who belongs to Government of China, to set up over 10 sets of recycling plants.
Cooperate with : "Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs", "CETRA" &
"Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories" in designing for :
  • Designing machinery with new technology for high performance.
  • Designing machinery according to CE safety norms.
  • Improving operating symbols & instructions for humanity design.
  • Machines patented in U.S.A.
  • Awarded for Excellent Import & Export 4th Annual R.O.C. Golden Dragon Award for Machinery.
  • Announce newest crusher with high efficiency and low noise, especially for large articles.
Awarded for 1994 Medium and Small Business Innovation Research.
Machines patented in U.K.
Become member of Turn-Key Plant Supplier Association in Taiwan. Officially announced recycling turn-key plants - equipment for crushing, cleaning and extrusion-pelletizing.
Assist client in South America to set up turn - key recycling plant in PET bottle recycling - including crushing, washing, drying and extrusion & pelletizing system. Capacity up to
1000 kgs / hr per line. This client now has four KOWI recycling lines in motion.
  • Machines patented in Germany.
  • Assist Egyptian client to set up a turn-key plant in PET sheet extrusion line & thermoforming line for producing PET fruit containers. Machines included : PET sheet extruder, forming machine, cutting & punching machine and mold design. Special mold design for cutting & punching synchronously.
Assist Ukraine client to set up a turn-key plant in post-consumer PET bottle recycling.
  • Newest invention - drying system for wet film was announced. The film moisture after drying is guaranteed less than 3%. Totally solve the worldwide problem the film recyclers met. With this drying system, it increases the capacity of the following recycling-extruding process and gets recycled pellets with high quality. Profitable for all the recyclers.
    Assist our client in Dubai to set up a turn-key plant in film recycling.
  • Newest PET sheet extrusion line was announced. The PET sheet thickness is available for 0.2 mm. The whole line is controlled by PLC (screen touch).
    Assist Colombian client to set up a PET sheet extrusion line. The PET sheet is available for 0.2 mm-1.2mm.
Complete PET B to B (bottle to bottle) line was announced. Recycle the post-consumer PET bottles through the washing line for clean PET flakes and through PET extrusion-pelletizing line for PET pellets. Final PET pellets are available for re-producing PET bottles.
New development in washing line for recycling waste PP non-woven fabric from banana plantation.

Assist our client in Central America to set up a turn-key plant for recycling waste PP non-woven of fabric banana protection film collected from banana plantation. This line includes washing system & extrusion-pelletizing system. PP non-woven fabric-recycling was new to Central America. KOWI recycling line was one of them in local area. Their recycled pellets were selling at good price in Europe.

New development in PP jumbo bag recycling ; recycling process from washing to extrusion-pelletizing.
  • Assist our client in Africa to set up a new turn-key plant in PP jumbo bags recycling.
  • Assist our client in Middle East to set up a new turn-key plant for petrochemical powder recycling project.
KOWI announced the newest product - Non-stop Screen Changer with Backflush System - patented worldwide ; also, established KOWI lab factory.
Approved by SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC to develop project of "Non-stop screen changer with backflush system".
  • Receive TAIWAN SMEs INNOVATION AWARD of ROC for KOWI washing machine.
  • Assist USA customer set up recycling turn-key plant, including washing line and extrusion-pelletizing line, to recycle PP, PE drum & drawer cabinet with input capacity
    800 - 1000 kgs / hr.

Actual Performance, Being Sincerely