Plastic materials: PET、PE、PP、PVC…etc.

For various kind of post consumers plastic waste, which needs to reduce size, like blow molding, oil drum, pallet, storage box, trash can, bumper, lump/chunk from extruder, sheet, pipe, thermos forming, large object, tire…etc

  • Isolated type bearing, prevent water entering bearing, increase using life.
  • Openable cover, easy to change blade & save time.
  • Special blade design, save 20% horse power, easy to change blade.
Model no.Horse power
KOWIn-371 7.5KW
KOWIn-372 15KW
KOWIn-373 22.5KW
KOWIn-374 30KW
KOWIn-375 37.5KW
KOWIn-376 56.25KW
KOWIn-377 75KW
KOWIn-378 93.75KW
KOWIn-379 112.5KW
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Product Name : CRUSHER
Plastic/PET Bottle Crusher Machine

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