Congratulations !!! KOWIn shredder has obtained ROC(Taiwan) patent certificate

Patent NumberM496524


Through the actual production, KOWIn develops a new-designed shredder, which is able to save 1/2 horsepower than the general ones in the market. 

After the actual test-run result, KOWIn shredder’s capacity is double than the market’s shredder, either double-shaft shredder or single-shaft shredder.  

Price is lower 1/3 than the old type shredder in the market. 

General shredder in the market, its horse power needs 150HP~200HP. 

KOWIn shredder is 75HPonly; it has reached the global trend of eco-saving & energy-saving. 


KOWIn new-designed shredder,

model no. :KOWIn-346,

horse power:75HP(56.25KW),

shredderchamber room:1300mmx1100mm. 

Wide scope of application, available for Big jumbo bag, film, pallet & lump.

All capacity can reach more than 2000kgs/hr.


Please refer to video below

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